Let's stand with beievers reaching higher levels in our spiritual walk with God. Let's get ourselves on that narrow road that leading us above a life of sin to a life in a heavenly kingdom.
Let’s get ourselves on that narrow road that’s leading us above a life of sin.  Let us reach daily for the coming kingdom!

We at Guiding God’s People represent a family of believers dedicated to the word of God and to guiding one another into a closer walk with God.   We share our experiences and thoughts about God’s love with each other.   Like a tree, with the proper nutrients we can stand up against the assaults of the enemy together.  We rise above a life of sin and make a difference in those we encounter.

Presently, our focus lies in the following areas: reaching out to the elderly, feeding the homeless and reaching out to young people.

We can be reached at guidinggodspeople.net.  We initiated the blog to share God’s message of love with the world.  If you would like a topic addressed, questions answered, submit testimonials or articles and/or a prayer request, please contact us.  We will respond.  We all possess full time jobs in the medical, education or electrical industry except for two retired members.  So we will attempt to respond within three days or less.

Remember where two or more are gathered, God is in their midst.  We will continue to fellowship and share God’s message of salvation.  Yahweh’s name is worthy to be praised!

Be Holy For I Am Holy