Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us spreads and makes evident everywhere the sweet fragrance of the knowledge of Him. (2 Corinthians 2:14 Amplified Bible)

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How Can I Live a Grateful Life by George Tuyu?

This is what David is trying to say. King David said some key commands that help us to understand the very character of Yahweh and what it is that we need to understand about God to live a grateful life.

  1. King David’s says, “Do not fear. We should not be afraid. It’s a simple command that we need to follow.  This command is coming specifically from King David. If anybody knows anything about living fearlessly and not fearing, it would of course be King David–David the shepherd boy that took down Goliath. The boy David now a man went with the strength and confidence of God and the assurance that God was going to provide a way where it seemed like there was no way to others. David single handedly rescued a whole nation by trusting in God on the back of a couple of rocks and a handmade slingshot by trusting in God to help him.  That is the power of God that we have for us today to defeat any giant. So King David says “Do not fear!” For the Bible says perfect love cast out all fear.  David is trying to honor the lineage of Jonathan via Meshabavet.  I know how to take care of you: Do not fear!
  2. King David says surely I will show you kindness. Surely means certainty in Hebrew. Kindness in the ancient Hebrew simply means favor.  There is a certainty of favor that comes from God just for you.  In the face of uncertainty, do not fear. In the old testament the word kindness means favor.  God has a certainty of favor for you coming directly from God–hold on to these truths.  Know in the midst of this raucous, God will show us favor. This favor comes directly from God.
  3.  King David said your land will be restored and you will eat.  This is the Kings command, I will supply all of your needs. In other words God will give you all the provision you will need.  You do not need to go back to nothing. God is a Waymaker and a Light in the darkness. You’re not going back to nothing.  Your land will be restored and you will eat.  In other words the King will supply all of your needs. The King will supply all of your needs. You are blessed and highly favored.  You’re not going back; you are moving forward.  

King David declares the last command that you will always eat at my table. He always had land and food to eat.  He was always welcomed at the King’s table.  It’s the eating at His table that helps me to see that I am truly His.  I can see my Savior face to face and say I am a child of God.  We are covered by our Father.  We will forever be His son and daughter.  He will send someone to get us. He has plans to bless us and cover us simply because of who we are: His son or His daughter. The fact that He has carried me thus far I know that he will carry me again.  His command that His love cast out all fear.  I have a command of fear.  I do not need to worry about anything because He supplies all of my needs.  All of these things I am thankful for. I am thankful that I can eat at His table always.  I can be full and not have to struggle and look at my mess…hold on to my pain…I can bring everything that I am at His table… He says I got you covered because you are my son or you are my daughter.  All of these things I have done for you….know that you are alway welcome to eat at His table because I got you covered.  Knowing who you are and whose you are is how we start to live a grateful life–it’s the table!

What are the things we can be grateful for? Let us know. We really would love to hear your story the things your are thankful for in this season so please share–join the conversation. What are you grateful for? Hit the link in their website.  There is a baptism December 19 at Relove Church.  If you want to be baptized, you can reach out to the church to request to become baptized.  If you get this after the date, you can still reach out and the church will guide you.

Yahweh has one Kingdom and one Church body built on Jesus Christ (Yeshua)!  No human is perfect nor denomination, we must learn to walk by the power of the Holy Spirit and listen to the voice of God to not be deceived.  Please take the truth and reject anything you may hear that does not line up with God’s word in the Bible on this website. It is my mission to preach, teach and share God’s truth. God bless and know the notes are from the sermon below by George Tuyu–thank you George Tuyu.

George Tuyu’s words from the Bible blessed me so I placed the link here to bless others–listen and watch below and be blessed! (If you’d like to watch them live, go to Relove Church Live Streaming on YouTube each Saturday (Sabbath) about 11:15 am or so.  I usually watch on YouTube at 6 pm or turn on about 11:30 am to watch the sermon.  The services seem pretty spirit filled. God bless and keep you safe friends until we return to the Kingdom of God! Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is soon returning–watch and get ready for the King’s soon return!)