Former Gay, Lesbians And Transgenders Share Stories Of Transformation At US Capitol

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We Continue to Sin After Being Saved. Will We See the Lord’s Face?


Fear Not, I Am with You, I Am Your God


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Dr Mumbi Seraki Speaks On The Fall Of America, Revolution In Africa & Western Puppet Leaders

Dr Mumbi Seraki Speaks On Mental Slavery In Africa, Trump & The Coming Exodus  Dr. Mumbi discusses the problems in our world and in Africa at the surface level (visible realm)–behind the scenes (in the invisible realm) is where the problems that people face particularly God’s people really begin.  Remember we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but we are fighting against powers in high places (Satan).  You are either working for Yahweh or your fighting for Satan–regardless of the hue of your skin.  We are all creations of the most high God.

This Elephant Calf Was in the Brink of Death Until the Guardian Angels Came with Mercy  This is a heart warming story for those of you who love animals.

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FAITH OR WORKS? Salvation “How are we saved? (Faith? Works? Grace?) Does God expect anything from you in the process of salvation?  Do you expect anything from God in the process?  Join us as Fr. Michael Sorial discusses a message about Salvation entitled FAITH OR WORKS?” from

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How to Keep the Sabbath, Part 1: Laboring to Rest- (Doug Batchelor) AmazingFacts ©

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The Cross: Christian Banner or Pagan Relic? They teach tithes and offerings.  They appear to teach and promote the ten commandments as well as feast holidays.

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