I just returned from a trip to a farm where a young Christian man and a young woman both told me of why they separately fled the city and each bought a farm.  The man bought a 20 acre farm; the young lady, a 30 acre farm.  They both appeared content and excited to share their experiences with farming.  The young lady moved because she said she ran out of food and was left hungry  during a severe winter storm in New York City.  The man left mostly for religious reasons. These fearless young people inspire me to become more self-sufficient.  This trip to a farm enlightened me to the possibilities of farm life for this city dweller.  I, also, got a tour of the Capitol in Washington D.C.

Taking a trip through the Capitol opened my eyes to see things that are never shown on television.  At one point I was told in a threatening fashion by a police officer to put away my camera.  I had just looked in shock at the door handle of the door leading into the floor of the US House of Representatives artistically fashioned as a snake coiled around shaft. Not something I would have hoped (or expected) to see adorning the doorway to the chamber where our nation’s laws are made.  My tour guide said immediately he had never noticed that snake on the door handle.  I looked up stunned to see a goat or ram’s head in all gold adorning the wall.  Upon researching this image after our visit, I concluded that it bore a striking similarity to the ancient (and contemporary) likeness of Baphomet, a decidedly Occultic representation.  These Satanic images shocked me; I did a double-take.  My husband tapped me to say he was noticing a lot of Satanic or pagan images in that same hallway leading into “holy of holies” of the Capitol building.  Then suddenly a police officer threateningly told me I’m not allowed to take pictures and to put away my camera–the officer appeared upset.  I passed through a door way with three or four additional officers telling us we could not take our phone, purse or bag into the heart of the Capitol building.  I could not take my Bible I happen to have in my bag, purse and camera into the “holy chambers” where the Congressional leaders from both the Senate and the House meet to vote. This is where the President speaks from when you see him speaking from the Capitol with the Congressional leaders.

The pagan version of the “holy of holies” in my mind is way smaller than the place appeared on television.  The place is made to appear and feel holy, but its the exact opposite.  There was definitely a spiritual element to the surroundings.  However, it could in no way be mistaken for a Christ-centered representation of the true and living God.  It reminded me of the Apostle Paul wandering the streets of Athens, Greece during his time.  Paul saw many “gods” there, including one monument to “an unknown god”.  In this “temple” on the Capitol Hill there were also many “gods” represented; but not the one true and Living God. [It’s just a false replica of the real Holy of Holies in Heaven where Yeshua is seated at the right hand of Yahweh.]

In the chamber there are seven rows of seats for four hundred or so leaders in this small chamber.  We were only allowed to explore the first two rows of seats.  The others were roped off with a threateningly looking police officer peering down on us watching our every move. It’s a semi-circular auditorium that wraps around with seating at an upper level separate from the Congressional leaders for outsiders including camera people and reporters–the entire space was round or circular.  At the front area are other desks and a rostrum and two speaker’s podiums.  The speaker’s podium in the foreground center is the place from which the President delivers the annual State of the Union Address.  Far above at the very top on the wall behind the press and people’s gallery are an array of graven images of various historical personages.  In the very center at the highest point is a representation of Moses (the Law Giver).  While delivering the State of the Union, the President would be looking directly up at Moses.  It is to wonder if Moses would have approved of his personage being represented as graven imagery.  As God gave Moses the Law, God specifically directed against “graven imagery” of such fashion (see Exodus 20:4).  I doubt Moses would have approved of his own likeness being exalted in deistic fashion.   As you look around the room there are other ancient people.  Due to the distance of these images from my location, I could not discern the names of all those represented.  My husband said he saw a replica of one of the Popes.

I call this place a replication of the Holy of Holies found in Yahweh’s kingdom because there was a golden ram’s head on the wall before I entered.  Snakes decorating a door handle made of metal.  It was in this very hallway corridor leading to the “holy of holies” that I was told by a police officer to put away my phone–signifying the sacredness of the place.  This tour of the Capitol made me realize that this is a temple of the seat of spiritual forces (of Satan) that control our nation and our world.  Before you disagree with me please take a guided tour and see for yourself.  There were monuments all around not to Yeshua or Yahweh the creator of all living things, but the monuments were those of pagan deities of long ago that Yahweh forbids us to worship.  The numerous pagan monuments took me by surprise because of the sheer volume, sizes and positioning.  I did not expect to see them so ubiquitously in our nation’s Capitol.  We are Babylon the city on a hill.

There is written in the Book of Revelation a passage that states:

“And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.  And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.  And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of men.”  (Revelation 13:11-13, KJV)

When we look about today, do we see markers of this “beast”?  Is it possible we could be living in the “belly” of this great beast?  No other great power has the capacity to do as our nation does on the scale that we do it…and on a global scale.  We can “make fire to come down from heaven to earth in the site of men.”   We were founded upon two abiding principles (two horns), individual liberty and religious freedom, and yet our nation does speak “as a dragon” as we make and foment wars in foreign lands that ultimately deny the people in those lands of these two basic things we are said to cherish.  This is something we must consider.

We must be sober and vigilant and consider all of these things.  When Satan came to tempt Jesus after 40 days in the wilderness, his third and most compelling temptation, offered to our Lord was the dominion over ALL the kingdoms of the world…to whom Satan had been given authority.  It is for us to assume that ALL does in fact mean ALL earthly kingdoms from the beginning until now.  There is no way our “kingdom” (nation) could not also be included amongst their number.  For sure there is a Godly impulse in aspects of our land.  Yet, the crafty serpent…that ancient of days…steadily and persistently works to break down and destroy vestiges of Godliness.  His focus can be seen in the halls of government.  Here he can deceive and such deception can have multiplying consequences far beyond the halls, because of the vast influence and great reach of our governmental apparatus.  Furthermore, the Enemy is subtle, but also vain. He wants to be sure that his mark is clear on “his” territory.  Thus, his symbology and suggested representations are sprinkled throughout these places so that his “mark” is upon them  (the “mark of the Beast”)….that it will be known.

We know that our Lord resides above all and has dominion.  But in the mystery of God’s plan the Enemy has been given “but a little time” to work his mischief.  To us this “little time” may not seem so.  But to God it is.  For to God “a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a day”.  We must bear this in mind and be patient and yet steady in our faithfulness to the ultimate working of God’s final plan.  His truth is sure.  He may tarry for “a little while” that “none might be lost”.  Yet his final victory, which was confirmed on Calvary’s Cross is certain in the eternal realm.  As we continue in the faith and remain faithful, we are heirs to this and will worship him in Glory very soon!