What are they hungry for?  They are hungry for the knowledge of the truth.  The true knowledge that sets people free.  Freedom isn’t free!  Freedom cost Yeshua His life.  He died to set the captives free.  The minds are captive.  The bodies are captive.  Slaves enslave one another with false ideologies.  You break down these false paradigms and reveal the illusions so people can see the truth.  Yeshua is the way to life.  Yeshua loves the Father therefore He kept His Father’s Commandments.  We ought to do the same.  Yahweh’s commandments are not grievous.  They set people (us) free from sin, bondage and separation from Yahweh our Creator.

Satan is a liar and father of lies.  We become set free from Satanic oppression!  Whom the Son of Yahweh sets free is free indeed.  You ought to get wisdom because it is more precious than diamonds and gold!  Wisdom comes from Yahweh.  If you ask your Father to give you wisdom, Yahweh will do so–ask Him to free you from sin too!

The true hunger is not for physical food but for spiritual food: The Word of Yahweh that can save human souls!

We are not fighting against flesh and blood but spiritual forces in high places.  Greater is the Holy Spirit in us than Satan and his demonic influences in the world.