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Agenda for the 21st Century Reveals Christ Soon Return

California is the very first state that passes Agenda 21 per-person per-day water limits of fifty five gallons and by 2030 fifty gallons— taking a bath illegal by 2022.  Showering for eight minutes uses seventeen gallons of water, a load of laundry uses forty gallons and the bathtub holds eighty to one hundred gallons of water.  This new law comes after May 13, 2018 when Governor Jerry Brown signed in […]

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Acknowledge Yahweh’s Voice–a Study of Hebrews 3 and 4

Do not remove the ancient landmark.  (Proverbs 23:10) HEBREWS CHAPTER 3 Here the Holy Spirit reminds Yahweh’s people to not harden their hearts as our fore fathers did in the rebellion on the day of testing in the wilderness.  They saw Yahweh’s work for forty years.  In their refusing to obey Yahweh’s voice in the wilderness, they angered Him.  They reasoned wrongly in their hearts (minds) to justify defying Yahweh’s laws […]

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Beware The Temptations Of Sin

Sin leads to death, and lying is a sin.  How many of us lie to ourselves?  We tell ourselves that what we do pleases Yahweh.  We lie not only to Yahweh but to ourselves.   We do not see that our lies lead to our ultimate demise. Many decades ago, I once knew a young girl that tried to convince me to smoke her mother’s cigarette.  I unwaveringly said no […]

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The Holy Spirit Will End Your Spiritual Hunger, Famine and Lack–Thoughts During Prayer Time 6-2-18

What are they hungry for?  They are hungry for the knowledge of the truth.  The true knowledge that sets people free.  Freedom isn’t free!  Freedom cost Yeshua His life.  He died to set the captives free.  The minds are captive.  The bodies are captive.  Slaves enslave one another with false ideologies.  You break down these false paradigms and reveal the illusions so people can see the truth.  Yeshua is the […]

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When God Spoke To Me

Awoke To Hear God’s Voice I woke up at 2:15 am one Thursday morning, and I sat up in bed in the dark and quietness of the morning  a bit groggy.  I thought about getting up and going to the bathroom. Next, I thought about going to read a chapter from my Bible and perhaps talk to God.  I paused my thoughts for a few seconds just sitting quietly in […]

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What is Truth?

What is truth? Is truth absolute? Truth is Yahweh’s Ten Commandments.  Truth is anything that’s not a lie or untrue.  Truth is just true.  What’s not true is not truth. My dictionary says truth is the quality or state of being true: he had to accept the truth of her accusation.   -(also the truth) that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality: tell me the truth/she […]

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Freedom isn’t Free

Yeshua died to pay the penalty for our freedom.  Those of us who understand what Yeshua did for us also understand the importance of fleeing sin.  We understand what sin is and we understand that Yahweh’s Ten Commandments define sin for us.  Once we come to an understanding of how repulsive sin truly is to Yahweh, we come to detest sin too!  We cannot continue to walk in sin (breaking […]

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