Yahweh wants us to believe that He is real and that we can talk to Him knowing He hears us.  What if you were never really alone.   What if there is a dimension that is spiritual that can see and hear you and each of us at any and all times.

Yahweh says He knocks on the doors of our hearts.  He says if you will answer and allow Him in, He will come and live within you and never leave you nor forsake you.

What if that gift of God is right under your nose like an elephant in the room that you cannot see. Like a bacteria on your finger that you cannot see.  Like electricity causing your heart to beat that’s real, but you cannot see.  Like lightning that appears out of invisible elements in the air to create visible elements in the night sky.  

What if God is watching you right now?  What if he is waiting patiently for you to speak to Him.

What if you speak and He answers you?

You will come to know the Creator that created the invisible cells that come together by the trillions so that you can see your skin. Just because you cannot see the cells that make up your skin does not mean the cells are not there protecting you from germs that want to enter your body.


Likewise just because you cannot see the invisible Creator does not mean He isn’t there!

When your heart beats, the Creator is present. When you breathe, you breathe because the invisible Creator is present enabling you to breathe.  You are the visible portion of the Creator who is invisible.  It’s what is invisible by the trillions that make you see the visible which is you. You are made up of an invisible spirit that runs the trillions of invisible cells that coordinate all the functions in your body that you see in the visible realm.

If you doubt what I’m saying to you just think about it for a minute.

Your very thought is invisible yet your thoughts come from a tangible you.  God is invisible with thoughts that he can convey to your invisible spirit that can pick up the thoughts of God if you would only believe.  God will make Himself known to you.

God is Spirit and the true worshippers must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

John says we must believe what Yeshua wrote to us about the Father.  The Father sent Yeshua to the physical world to help us understand the way we should walk to find our way back to the kingdom of Yahweh.  The road is narrow and the way is lit by the light of the Holy Spirit!

If you would like to know Yahweh better, you ought to read and start by believing His words in red in the gospel of John, Matthew, Luke and Mark.  These apostles lived and died knowing the truth.  They walked with Yeshua and saw the miracles!

There is an old saying that goes when the student is ready the Teacher will appear.  When your ready to humble yourself like a little child and believe the words of your heavenly Father, He will show up!

But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?  (John 5:47)