I revised this blog today. A tangerine taught me a valuable lesson one afternoon after getting home from work. God spoke to my spirit through this experience and taught me that challenges are for our good. It is sort of like lifting weights or exercising. You go through the pain and stress because you know the struggles make you more powerful and better in the end.

If you need a bit of encouragement, this is a great article to read. This story is about how God uses challenges and even the negative things resulting from sin to strengthen us. This ought to help you walk in greater peace in the midst of the storms or fires blazing in your life.

A Lesson From A Tangerine

Guiding God's People

We are buried with Christ.We are buried with Christ.

Physically Crushed But Spiritually Strengthened

What happened when my tangerine fell out the fridge? I unknowingly attempted to close the door crushing open the tangerine.  I pulled the fridge door open to see why the door wouldn’t close.  I noticed a crushed tangerine split open stuck between the refrigerator door and the refrigerator.  

I wondered is that sort of what it feels like when God allows Satan to crush us?  I thought of Christ death at Calvary.  I suddenly understood a lesson God wanted me to see: In walking with Christ, we become pressed into His character.  

When we repent and become baptized, the catalytic crushing process begins.

Powered By The Holy Spirit

Despite the challenges we face, we possess God’s Holy Spirit.  Jesus lives within us guiding us through His Holy Spirit.  We get a handle on…

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