Why did God allow me to see heaven in my dream?  I’ll speculate from my limited understanding.  God knew what I needed and the dream fulfilled those needs. Two or three months after the death of a dear friend that pained me to my very bowels, God gave me a dream of heaven that comforted me.  God revealed to me that He is in control–fear not.   Also, I am to live obediently to His will and allow Him to guide my life–continue to trust Him and not worry.

I do not feel words can adequately describe a spiritual world that physical beings can fully comprehend, but I will do my best.  Heaven reflects a true utopia that is beyond any earthly comprehension.  First imagine perfection on the earth or in heaven in which death, decay, fear, negativity, sin, iniquity and destruction does not exist. The opposite of all these things pervade the surroundings.  There is a sense of youthfulness in all living things.  All things shine with splendor and sing harmoniously so that varied and soft musical notes play like an orchestra that gives one a sense of exhilarating joy and love–music is in the air.

You literally must see and experience heaven to truly begin to recognize how awesome and loving the creator, architect, designer, mastermind and source of all that exist truly is. Heaven essentially represents a kingdom filled with joy, peace, love, wonder, exquisite beauty and every imaginable good thing–a positive aura emanates throughout.  It’s a holy, creative and powerful place of light beyond human comprehension–did not see a sun in the sky and night did not exist.  Who is this king of glory that created such a magnificent place of perfect beauty?

Wow, my jaws kept dropping lower and lower as I walked through nature and as I approached mansions jutting high into the sky!  Wow, I looked up to see a sea of glass with sea creatures swimming.   What I saw initially left me speechless and in utter awe!

If God appeared in my dream in heaven, I would predict I would drop to my knees,  bow and sing praises to His name at the sheer wonder and magic of heaven!  Amazing is an understatement!  Heaven is a place that is alive with vibrant colors, melodic and musical sounds within nature, tranquility and an amazing almost tangible aura of love emanates throughout–fear, decay and everything negative is nonexistent.  Everything including colors appear fresh, brand new and alive.   Colors  appear  vibrantly alive and bring joy and exhilaration due to its sheer beauty and perfection.

Mansions and landscaped lawns beautifully project upwards into the sky with exquisite aesthetics.  Imagine stepping into your empty mansion for the first time  and seeing a delightful cream colored room.   You begin to think “I wish the room was yellow.”  Before you complete the thought, the entire room turns a radiant yellow.  In utter shock, your mouth drops once again in awe at the beauty and wonder of what God has in store for you.  You walk into another empty room and wish the room to be larger and immediately the room expands. You then begin to think this size is good, and the room immediately stops to the desired size.  Heaven is an unbelievably amazing place where your jaw just drops continuously and your eyes just bulge wide open whenever you turn your head to see all God’s amazing wonders.

The shock and awe affect gradually subsides a little as I became familiar with the wonders of heaven in my dream.  I just remember feeling joyful, content, exhilarated, inquisitive and loved in my dream.

If we intend to make it into the heavenly kingdom to see the sea of glass shooting upwards into the sky with all the sea creatures living within it, we must stay in relationship with God.  I saw beautiful peaceful animals  in heaven that I did not recognize.  We must seek first the kingdom of God.  Peter says in I Peter 1:14-16 “As obedient children, let yourselves be pulled into a way of life shaped by God’s life, a life energetic and blazing with holinessGod said, “I am holy; you be holy.” [MSG]  We must shun sin like God hates sin.  We must change our lifestyles and live for God by asking God to change us so that we develop the Character of Yeshua (Christ). 

I could not make the changes in my life, but I turned to the Creator who made and continues to make the necessary changes for me.  When I gave God complete control, my life shattered apart.  I felt like I had wrestled with God without an awareness until I surrendered 100% of my life over to Him.  I figured out that I could not fix the problems within my life without His intervention.  At the age of 32, I felt like I reached a climax in my life looking back over the years.  I felt like I was crucified with Christ that day.  I died to my old self.  I now live through Christ living in me.  God granted my request, and I stand by my testimony that God is a faithful and loving God!   I am not the same person following this encounter with God.   I now realize that He lined up my life with His plan in mind: eternal life.