• LAVENDER BASIL AIR FRESHENER-Reap the beautiful benefits this Lavender Basil spray room scent will deliver a warm aroma and a positive emotional difference! Each spray will stimulate body and mind alike and enhance your mood. This calming and stimulating lavender basil will refresh your bedroom and help relax the atmosphere. Enjoy the sensation of walking amongst lavender petals and rows upon rows of basil plants as you spray this in every room of your home. Just like the petals of a lavender and the leaves of basil, this essential oil spray will balance the air with its emollient properties, creating a soothing rich peaceful scent within your environment.

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  • LAVENDER BASIL SCENT- This organic Lavender Basil essential oil contains both antiseptic and antibacterial properties effective against infectious invaders in your home. As you spray, it will encourage the release of endorphins, easing anxiety, tension and pain.
  • LAVENDER BASIL LINEN SPRAY- This Lavender Basil spray will transcend your home into a natural garden of well-being! Essential oils represent the very life blood derived from plants to relinquish wellness and relaxation into any atmosphere.
  • ROOM FRAGRANCE SPRAY- Simply Oils by Verna uniquely crafted by a meticulous scientist especially for you to deliver a purifying mist that will not only remove unwanted smells, but will also convey a calming, relaxing effect.
  • MADE IN USA Handmade in California with love! All Natural and organic Essential Oils- Made in small batches to ensure excellent quality & freshness.
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  • MATERIALS–plant based, vegan, essential oils, recyclable glass
  • DESCRIPTION–Simply Oils by Verna Lavender Basil Blend. 2 oz.
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  • OWNER–Verna M